About Resiliency Kids

A resilient person demonstrates self-awareness and positive coping skills in the face of hardship. These are areas that can be influenced by a parent/caregiver. 

Resiliency Kids offers books and resources that focus on positive coping skills and emotional well-being for young children.

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Our First Book

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A Mindful Train Ride with Tanya is an introduction to mindfulness meditation for children ages 4-8. Tanya the Train may not be fast, but she sure enjoys her time between train stops. She focuses on the present moment by using breath, touch, sound, and sight. Your train loving little one will enjoy this rhyming tail about Tanya the Train!


A Mindful Train Ride with Tanya is a family favorite in our home. The peaceful imagery, and relaxing rhythm helps to settle down my kiddos instantly. It's like a warm bath for a restless mind. Some nights I feel like I get more out of this book then them! I recommend this book to everyone interested in cultivating their mindfulness practice.”

Renee Radabaugh, M.A.

 Founder of Chapter Senior Living and certified mindfulness meditation instructor 

A Mindful Train Ride with Tanya allows space for connection between reader and child. Its dreamy illustrations, thoughtful pauses, and questions open conversations to hear each others perspectives and allows time for living in the moment together.”

Natalia Palda, The Current Essential Blog 

"A Mindful Train Ride with Tanya" is the perfect book to read to the little ones. The way the story sweetly teaches the use of breathing, grounding and emotional awareness to small children is incredible. Additionally, the colorful illustrations mirror the peace which Tanya experiences during her journey. 

Ara Micelli Margo , Founder of English with Kids, English Montessori Academy