About Us

Resiliency Kids offers books and resources that focus on emotional well-being. We make this fun for kids by choosing content they love! By creating content for children, we hope to highlight the importance of emotional well-being to all parents. A resilient person exercises self-awareness and positive coping in the face of hardship. These are areas that can be influenced by the experiences a parent gives their children.  Please see our blog for helpful parenting resources. 

A portion of all sales will be donated to Together We Rise, a non-profit helping foster children. 

Karla Benzl, Author, Illustrator

Karla Benzl, M.D., is a psychiatrist and parent of a train lover.  She uses her knowledge of psychology and child development for creative projects.  She loves to write and draw. In her psychiatric practice, she incorporates mindfulness into her work with adults.  She believes that children are best taught through play, stories, and connection to others, themselves, and the environment. 

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Ana Sofía, Illustrator, Designer -

Ana Sofía is a designer and illustrator, and auntie to five lovely kids. She enjoys sharing her talents to help others. She applies both her passionate spirit and love of good design to create new learning experiences. She applies mindfulness in both personal and professional endeavors, and  is constantly seeking growth within this discipline.